Make doodles with Google Chrome Canvas

doodles with google chrome canvas

Here comes a web app from Google called Chrome Canvas where you can make doodles. The doodles you make will be saved to your Google account through Chrome Unboxed. Accessing the web app is easy and doesn’t require downloading anything.

To install the app on your browser, tap on the three-dot button and select ‘install canvas.’ If you need to sketch out any doodles, you simply need to type ‘’ on your Chrome browser on any device, anywhere. For Android users, there’ll even pop up a notification to add Chrome Canvas to access from your mobile.

The features of the app are basic and simple with a pencil, pen, marker, chalk, and an eraser tool in a toolbar. There’s also a color palette and you can export the file into a PNG once done. The drawing can be pulled up on your mobile device also. If you’re working on a doodle on your phone, you can easily pull it up on a computer or laptop as well.

The web software app was first launched earlier this year at the Chrome OS Dev Build. The app is now available on any browser that supports WebAssembly, including Firefox, Google said.