Alexa Firefox for iOS is a breakthrough!
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Firefox for iOS is a breakthrough!


Firefox for iOS is a breakthrough!

Mozilla rolled out a new version of Firefox for iOS with enhanced security for daily browsing and new handy features for iPad owners. Websites make use of trackers to supervise as you move around the web and building up a profile of you that is worth to advertisers as well as malicious parties.

Firefox for iOS from a very long time has been offering tracking protection in its private browsing mode which is not available to regular browsing as well in Firefox for iOS 11. If you are okay with sharing your data with a selected site, you are free to deactivate tracking protection with tap of a button.

This updated browser provides new drag- and-drop features for iPad owners.  If your tabs are cluttered, you can readjust them by tapping the tab icon by long pressing a tab and dragging it left or right. It is easy to share links via dragging URL’s from Firefox to other apps. You just have long press a tab then drag it to an email, a tweet, a Facebook message or anywhere you desire.

Firefox is currently concentrating on bringing features from the desktop browser to cellular devices along with improving security.

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