Chrome 80 comes with major changes in cookies


Chrome 80 comes with major changes in cookies

Google Chrome just unveiled its latest version 80 of its Chrome software which is widely used in both computers and mobiles. The new rollout has several new changes like quieter notifications requests and a potential change that has the power to break the working of several websites.

The new changes are aimed at improving the privacy of the visitor. The site owners will have to upgrade their websites in order to resume their functioning. Cookies are somehow useful in many ways and hence there is no getting rid of them, but cookies also cause major issues especially by tracking user’s browsing activities.

The latest solution from Google is to utilize a policy that requires website owners to straight-ahead mark their cookies, and in case they don’t, the site may break. The major concern is with cross-site cookies; these are the cookies with data coming from a different web service than the one the user is currently viewing.

The Chrome 80 cookies when not marked properly with the ‘SameSite’ standard will automatically be considered as “Las”, meaning they will only work if they’re used to access a service that comes from the same website.

Although Chrome 80 is rolling out now, the SameSite policy will be applied only after February 17, and even then it will be enabled for a limited number of users at first. This will provide the developers and site owners enough time to make the necessary changes to follow the new policies.

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