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Welcome to Google's Hangouts Meet


Welcome to Google's Hangouts Meet

A new announcement from Google indicated that all the G Suite users who use Hangouts video chat will be moved to Hangouts Meet, which is the more enterprise-ready version of Hangouts. In about a month’s time, users can shift to Hangouts Meet.

So, if you’re a G Suite user, Meet will auto-link with the Calendar and schedule all the new video meetings. Google has promised that this will not affect the previously planned meetings. In simple terms to avoid any confusions: the Hangouts Meet is going to be the new video chat service. And for actual texting/chatting, Hangouts Chat will continue providing the messaging platform.

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If the business administrator wishes it, he can still opt out of this software transition. And there are many who wish to step away from this transition as Meet isn’t supporting Internet Explorer and Safari right now. More recently, Firefox support was launched with Meet. However, Google has promised that Meet will have full parity with Hangouts. And this includes full support for other browsers.

This is one of the frequent attempts by Google to set up its messaging platforms. While it launched Allo and Duo, both didn’t work so well. Comparatively, Hangouts has been doing much better than Allo and Duo. Hopefully, Meet will also find its way.

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