PinpointHealth.us unveils new COVID-19 screening and monitoring software


PinpointHealth.us unveils new COVID-19 screening and monitoring software

Now is the time when businesses are reopening, PinpointHealth.us is aiding its clients go ahead with pocket-friendly wellness screening software that offers the most required ‘return-to-work’ solution for administrative staff in industries that include healthcare, construction, government, senior care and restaurants.  

PinpointHealth.us makes use of patent-pending adaptive algorithms for quickly screening the symptoms of COVID-19, and then connect them to response-dependent resources. The platform provides a complete "return-to-work" solution, serving as an important risk mitigation tool while allowing for instant monitoring.

Connor Ferguson, CEO at PinpointHealth.us. quotes, “Establishing an 'ongoing monitoring' plan along with developing and implementing procedures to check for signs and symptoms of employees is a key competent to the CDC return-to-work criteria.”

Pinpoint Health's Director of Customer Success, Chris Nickerson notes, "The Pinpoint platform provides the ideal solution – an automated, inexpensive method using SMS (text message & email) to screen, monitor and route staff and visitors who may be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19."

The HIPAA-compliant, web-based application is developed to reach staff, visitors, students, customers via SMS.

The first message will get a response, based on that response recipients will be given guidelines like:

  • Confirm their expected return to work
  • Stay home and self-quarantine
  • Automatically scheduled for an E-visit with a physician
  • Directed to call 911

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