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PreShow surpasses MoviePass already!


PreShow surpasses MoviePass already!

The days of going to the movie theatre and booking movie tickets are bygone. MoviePass has already utilized digitalization to its best and now it’s CEO Stacy Spikes has come up with a new venture, if the viewers want to score movie tickets, they have to watch advertisements up to 15 to 20 minutes. This is cool, right?

PreShow is a newly introduced app that makes use of facial recognition to ensure that much attention is paid in watching each advertisement. Once the film is chosen, the next step would be to select those ads that you want to watch while watching the movie.

If you look away from the screen, the ads will stop playing. If you watch this 15 to 20-minute packages, you should get points so that you can purchase a ticket and use a virtual credit card which will be given by PreShow.

Stacy Spikes said, “You won’t be able to earn more than two tickets at once, so people don’t stockpile.” When comparing this one to his old company he said, “Don’t think they’re competitive in any way. If you compare a subscription platform to an ad platform to a pay-per-view platform, they’re different animals.”

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