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With the new Meta Login system, Quest users won't require a Facebook account


With the new Meta Login system, Quest users won't require a Facebook account

Meta is launching a new account login system for the Quest VR headsets that don't require to login with a Facebook account 

Meta announced that the new Meta login ID does not need to link with a Facebook account. In the next month, the system will be rolled out to users. This new login system indicates that the Meta Quest user who has merged their Facebook and Oculus accounts must create a new Meta account and Meta Horizon profile to use the headset. People logged in to their VR device with their Oculus account can keep using their headset until January 1, 2023.

The company explained that this Meta account is not a social media profile. Meta to the Quest VR users said that they have an option to add their Meta account to the same accounts center as their Instagram or Facebook account. This can enable them to chat with anyone they like through the VR version of Messenger. While creating a Meta account, the users will be promoted to create a Meta Horizon profile using a username, profile picture, avatar, etc., as per the company.

Meta claims that this new Meta account also offers privacy controls. It offers numerous options in the settings, which comprise - Open to Everyone, Solo account, and Friends and Family. The users will have an option to review and confirm their privacy settings to set the way they want.

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