Alexa YouTube Updates Its Android and iOS Apps With A Major Redesign

YouTube Updates Its Android and iOS Apps With A Major Redesign


YouTube Updates Its Android and iOS Apps With A Major Redesign

YouTube has started rolling out a new update to its Android and iOS apps as part of a video player redesign. It has a “more streamlined player page” now, with various toggles relocated. Captions have been moved to the overflow menu along with screencast and autoplay toggle. The “autoplay” toggle is now almost centered at the very top of the screen. That particular change is also coming to the Desktop client as a test soon.

You will also be able to see a complete list of all chapters included in the video you are watching, each with a preview thumbnail of what you will find in that chapter. With this feature, you can save time by quickly jumping to the part you’re interested in.

To enter YouTube’s fullscreen mode with this redesign, all users need to do is swipe up on the player, while an opposite downward action lets you exit. Another way to enter this mode is through a “Rotate” suggested action that YouTube introduced today. Another suggestion might prompt users to enter the VR player, with more suggestions coming in the future.

Apart from this, YouTube is also working on its TikTok rival. Although the short form of videos is already available to post on Shorts, Youtube will provide additional features to allow users to make videos directly from the app, allowing additional video creation tools similar to that of TikTok. However, the feature is only available in India for now and in Beta. Shorts will allow you to shoot video up to 15 seconds long, which you can edit via the inbuilt editor with soundtracks available for free. YouTube will provide its large library of licensed music for the users.

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