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Home industry telecom ioT.nxt & Vantage Towers to transform Telco Sector via wireless infrastructure

IoT.nxt & Vantage Towers to transform Telco Sector via wireless infrastructure


IoT.nxt & Vantage Towers to transform Telco Sector via wireless infrastructure

To promote digital transformation in the wireless telecommunications sector, IoT.nxt, a top provider of IoT solutions, has teamed with Vantage Towers, a supplier of passive wireless infrastructure (towers, masts, rooftop sites, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and Small Cells).

With the help of IoT.nxt's tried-and-true technology, the two businesses are collaborating to deploy a secure, digital solution for remote management of sensors, passive equipment, and alarms on-site. This solution will streamline processes and minimize manual interventions, resulting in improved efficiency, decreased downtime, and lower maintenance costs. More than 700 locations have already been set up in three nations—Spain, Ireland, and Portugal—during the initial phase. More markets will shortly be included to the deployment.

This alliance is a component of Vantage Towers' plan to transform into a completely digital TowerCo and set a new benchmark for the sector by providing a more cutting-edge method of managing and operating telecommunication towers. Vantage Towers is able to implement this plan because to the established solution capabilities of IoT.nxt, which also meet their immediate operating demands and enable them to add new features swiftly in the future.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Vantage Towers, as it brings us an opportunity to leverage our proven technology in the cell site industry. Our long-standing experience in IoT and thorough understanding of the cell site space will empower us to not only expand our reach but also offer innovative solutions that will propel the telecommunications industry ahead. With this partnership, we’re set to bring about significant advancements and growth for both our companies,” Vasin Govender, Group CEO of IoT.nxt.

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