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Snowflake introduces a telecom-specific data cloud


Snowflake introduces a telecom-specific data cloud

The Telecom Data Cloud, a specialized version of Snowflake's platform created for telecommunications firms, was introduced on Wednesday.

Snowflake is a data cloud vendor that was established in 2012 and is now based in Bozeman, Montana. Its data warehouse is intended to let users access and work with their data without having to perform many of the extract, transform, and load operations that slow down and complication data management and analytics.

Its rivals include various providers of cloud data storage, like Databricks and SingleStore, as well as industry heavyweights like AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

The fifth industry-specific solution from Snowflake, after those for financial services, healthcare and life sciences, retail and consumer goods, and advertising, media, and entertainment, is Telecom Data Cloud.

According to Doug Henschen, an analyst at Constellation Research, the main benefit of such industry-specific platform versions is that they do away with many of the chores data engineers must complete to tailor a general-purpose platform for their particular firm.

The time it takes to fully deploy is decreased as a result of the quicker and simpler setup.

"The common appeal of industry solutions has always been accelerating deployments with expertise and pre-built content geared to a specific industry and its common use cases," Henschen said. "That might mean providing industry data models, connectors to common applications and data sources, and knowledge of frequent integrations and query patterns that support common use cases."

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