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Verizon to launch 5G services by end of next year


Verizon to launch 5G services by end of next year

Verizon announced its plans for releasing 5G network connections to three to five cities by the end of the next year. The commercial 5G network is expected to roll out in Sacramento, California in the second half of 2018. This makes it clear that the 5G wireless is going to soon be a practical reality.

However, there isn’t much information apart from the general launch dates and the probable locations. It is clear that Verizon is in fierce competition with other network carriers like AT&T, which has also been speeding its 5G solutions.

Users must be informed that this connection isn’t like the cell phone access. Nevertheless, this marks an important milestone, especially for the company. It’s clear that 5G is insanely fast and comes with the promise of hundred megabits per second. But the excitement is around the potentiality of low latency. This improves extreme time-sensitive actions like gaming and multi-user VR.

Once the launch hits commercially, the real-world workings can be determined. Verizon wants the users to now it's keeping pace and will have a real, publicly available 5G service ready to go within matter of months.

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