Fake likes and follows will be removed: Instagram

instagram removes fake likes follows

Instagram is the latest hub for influencers. Third-party apps have been used to boost followers and likes of posts. The social network platform is heading out to fight fake likes, follows and comments. The plan is to simply eliminate them completely. So, if you’re using third-party apps or services to get extra traffic to your account, it will be noted as a violation of Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

As part of the policy change announced today, Instagram is actively using machine learning tools and other IT services to identify accounts that use fake likes and follows and remove them automatically. If you’re among the accounts that have been identified, you’ll be asked to change your password to secure their accounts before any damage is done.

Instagram isn’t the first one to take this action. Twitter has been actively taking down fraudulent activities on its platform. Previously, Instagram went out against removing fake accounts. This is the first time it’s battling against fake likes, follow, and comments.

The fight that Instagram is battling against will need to keep getting stronger to keep its business integrity strong. In a press release released by the company, it is planning to take more serious measures against such ‘fake activity’ in the coming days.