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ciobulletin sintetica augusto mitidieri ceo

A true smile is contagious, and it is the identity of Sintetica and its concept of “great place to work,” Augusto Mitidieri, CEO

The pharmaceutical industry is under continuous pressure to discover and develop new drugs targeted toward increasingly complex diseases, which means the industry must use innovative technologies that will help them ramp up research and development, manufacturing and analytical capabilities while enabling them to be competitive and compliant.

We present to you one of the leading pharmaceutical firms, Sintetica that always welcomes innovativeness in whatever it does, it delivers injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide.

Augusto Mitidieri is the CEO of Sintetica. He is Italian and Swiss citizen, graduated in Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano; he also obtained Certificate of Advanced Studies in Economics and Health Policy at the University of Lausanne. Augusto is very competitive in approach, pharmaceutical industry interests him and with a zeal to achieve something in this field he joined Sintetica SA, Mendrisio (TI), in 2000. Since 2011 Augusto has held the position of Corporate CEO of the Sintetica Group. Under his guidance, Sintetica SA, the oldest pharmaceutical company in Ticino, has undergone a period of extraordinary growth, entered international markets with its high quality products in the field of local anaesthesia and pain therapy. Able to implement a real strategic vision which places the individual at the very centre of corporate decisions, Augusto Mitidieri, together with the whole of Sintetica SA, has gained important international awards and recognition.

Sintetica works with a mission of centrality of the human being which is regarded beyond company goals. The human-centered organization model is based on a deep cultural change, entailing an innovative managerial philosophy, for which responsibility and merit is crucial, changing organizational models and behaviors at all levels.

Managers are altering from role of control and command to coaching one to strengthen talents, manage people by empowerment and accountability for good results, and to recognize and reward their merit. This new working model of Sintetica is primarily based on some necessary and unavoidable preconditions. The most important one is passion, a motivating force that is able to define the real mission. Without it, any role performed would purely be a formal exercise.

Involvement of individuals become prime to transmit the firm’s values. Which is only possible when there is information transparency on strategy, values, objectives and performance. When all these are combined together an individual’s and team goal can be achieved mentioned Augusto Mitidieri, CEO.

Sintetica emphasizes on “Respect” in the organization in terms of corporate and individual priorities. It is fundamental for managers to be clear in what they expect from their employees and to frequently align these behaviors to expectations, thanks to the continuous and constructive share of feedbacks, not to judge their work but to address them towards a continuous improvement.

Sintetica’s human-centered strategic vision is structured around some main targets. The first important thing is the peripheral decisional autonomy. Augusto says, “Managers are moving to an approach based on the control of results and on the accountability to get them so as to create peripheral decision-making autonomy, based on the conscious risk assumption. To do this, we must leverage strategic idea of growth, based on the international diffusion of innovation and corporate culture, which is hinged on the centrality of the individual, on his ability to take informed risk and on respect. In this view, managers and talents of Sintetica, the real protagonists of this change, are also undergoing an endless path of high-level training (Sintetica never ending School).”

Here in Sintetica, the coaching process is the crux of company’s innovative projects: all employees of the company are subject to this change, also thanks to a broad training program (democratic digital learning), in order to enrich their specific knowledge and prepare them for continuous improvement in the digital age. Sintetica has its own portal, supported by an app which helps in understanding the interactive visualization of the firm, roles and responsibilities, with the faces and names with just one click. The company is growing by 20% with new entries each year which is highly important for long lasting success.

Augusto feels that such a productive, managerial and dynamic scenario sets out the ideal path for the employees professional life. With digital tools, processes and methodologies, both the company and employees will be benefitted; the company can hire motivated and skilled people and also the employees can develop skills and show their potential and grow on the basis of merit.

Finally, Augusto argues that the human centered organization will allow Sintetica to lead digital transformation. Only if the human resource will play a central role, will digital revolution be really useful to bring the company into the future.

Sintetica pivotal paradigm:

“We transform data into information, we organize information and we use information to improve, innovate and compete at a global level.”

"We are a pharmaceutical company delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide, through innovative science and excellence in development, production and marketing."