ciobulletin valeo jacques aschenbroich ceo chairman

“We have immense growth ahead of us,” Jacques Aschenbroich, CEO and Chairman of Valeo

ciobulletin sintetica augusto mitidieri ceo

A true smile is contagious, and it is the identity of Sintetica and its concept of “great place to work,” Augusto Mitidieri, CEO

ciobulletin simpson healthcare executives kelly simpson angelini founder ceo and cso

“We bring to bear the larger context of healthcare for our clients, aligned in our purpose and always keeping the patient at the center of our focus.” –Kelly Simpson-Angelini, Founder, CEO and CSO of Simpson Healthcare Executives

ciobulletin kryon systems harel tayeb ceo

We deliver innovative, intelligent Robotic Process Automation that speaks the language of business: Kryon Systems

ciobulletin syncdog Inc jonas gyllensvaan ceo founder

We enable companies to reset expectations on how employees can get work done on the go: SyncDog