AD Case: A Mobile Cover with Air Bags Prevents Phone Damage

ad case airbag dampers

Philip Frenzel, a German engineering student, at Aalen University, was honored with a National Prize by the German Mechatronics Society for his new creation, a mobile case that senses when your phone is in free fall and releases metal prongs that prevents the phone from hitting the ground and cracking. Through this, the fear of dropping expensive phones can be wiped off, and covers protecting only the backside become a past.

Frenzel’s new case is named AD Case, where AD stands for “Active Damping”. Frenzel built sensors in the case that senses a free-fall, and when it does, it triggers a metal spring that unfolds during the fall. The metal prongs that cushion the dropped phone can be pushed back inside the case and the system is ready for reuse. The prongs too have actually been designed to be quite springy to absorb the shock when the phone hits the ground.

Frenzel’s device has already been registered for a patent and it is also ready for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Frenzel, along with another student – Peter Mayer, from Economics Department at the Aalen University is expecting to launch AD Case at a Kickstarter campaign in order to receive sufficient backing for its distribution.

The era of cracked screens is coming to an end, and the new phone case will let users handle their phone freely like a wet bar of soap.