3 of the biggest announcements from Apple’s show

apple ipad pro mac event

Apple had a bunch of hardware refreshes to debut this year, at its iPad Pro and Mac event in Brooklyn, recently. Apple definitely lived up to the hype by unveiling its new models – MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and Mac mini – that probably represent the biggest redesign Apple has ever made, in the respective product lines.

Apple kicked off the event by unveiling a brand new next-generation MacBook Air. The new model now has a 13.3-inch Retina display that packs 4 million pixels into a screen with much narrower and black bezels. It also includes a Touch ID fingerprint scanner mounted onto a third-gen butterfly keyboard. The trackpad is also 20% larger, and new louder speakers are built in too. It features an 8th-gen dual-core Intel processor, 16GB of RAM and up to 1.5TB of internal storage.

Apple’s Mac mini also made a return with an all-new design, and it’s far more powerful than the previous-generation model, about five times, says Apple. It has an 8th-gen Intel quad-core processor and an upgraded six-core processor. The new mobile model which comes with a ton of ports (two USB-A ports, and four USB-C ports) can support up to 64GB of RAM and a maximum of 2TB (SSD) of internal storage. 

The most intriguing of all, however, was the announcement of the new iPad Pro. The thin device with a 12.9-inch display comes with Face ID support and supports the new gesture navigations introduced with the iPhone X. It includes an updated A12X Bionic chip that makes the device 92% faster than all laptops sold in the past year, says Apple.