Connect AirPods to your computer with AirBuddy

airbuddy app connects airpods

In the era of wireless earbuds, Apple’s AirPods have won high appreciation for its sleek and seamless design. The custom W1 chips and super-fast Bluetooth connections help communicate with iOS devices instantly. But when it comes to connecting AirPods to your Mac, it’s not so seamless. This is where AirBuddy comes to the rescue with its one-click interface for easy connection.

The Mac app is available for $5 and the software displays a similar pop-up window you see on your iPhone while setting up the AirPods. Once the window opens, simply click “connect” and you’re good to go! There’s also a widget in the Mac Notification Center, where AirBuddy allows you to check the battery levels.

Interestingly, AirBuddy was built by 9to5 Mac writer and developer Guilherme Rambo. In the coming future, he plans to build his buddy with additional features like allowing other Bluetooth device connections to connect etc. He also intends to open source the app in the future.

Of course, in the market, there are similar apps that have similar functions. Take for instance ToothFairy; it’s an app that costs $3 and allows you to control and toggle connections to all Bluetooth devices. But AirBuddy’s neat interface and widget link is an added bonus.