New Microsoft Windows styled like Chrome OS for dual screens

microsoft windows like chrome os

Dual screened devices are raging and Microsoft is going beyond to make a lightweight version of Windows, especially for these screens. The software giant is bringing out a lighter version, codenamed as Windows Lite, which could be arriving this year itself.

Additionally, Microsoft has been working on Composable Shell or C-Shell and Windows Core OS. It’s basically a modular version of Windows Shell that’s present as the powering source at the backend of  Windows 10. In fact, Windows Core OS is already powering HoloLens 2 and Microsoft’s latest Surface Hub 2X.

The Windows Lite, on the other hand, is going to be similar to the Windows we’re accustomed to. However, you’ll also see a blend of what Microsoft puts into its Surface Hub shell. Although there were many reports and rumors about Windows Lite since last year, a lot of its looks could change by the time it’s ready for launch.

Of course, chipmakers and PC makers have to get ready to bring in this new version. With foldable devices making a huge comeback, Microsoft is paving the way with Windows Lite for the new technology. Microsoft’s other aim is to have Windows Lite ready for Chromebook as well. It’s clear Microsoft wants the Windows platform to be ready for the future and we may have a sneak-peak in its Build Conference in a couple of months.