Google unveils CallJoy, a virtual customer agent for SMBs


Google unveils CallJoy, a virtual customer agent for SMBs

Until now, only large organizations have been able to use customer service to cater to customer queries. In an effort to help small businesses with this, Google has launched a new virtual customer phone agent which will help the small businesses explore customer service options too.

Bob Summers, GM of CallJoy wrote on the company blog that his team had conducted testing and reached to the conclusion that small businesses across America have to deal with around 400 million incoming calls every day. These calls range from being to-go orders, bookings, inquiries, and much more. So, there was a need for a tool to fill this gap. This urged Google to build CallJoy.

CallJoy is a cloud-based phone agent that helps small business owners measure, improve and automate customer service. After a quick setup, business owners receive a local phone number. An automated phone agent receives the call as soon as the phone rings. The agent greets the caller with a custom message and provides business information (like operating hours). The CallJoy agent can send a customer a link to complete a task like booking an appointment or placing a to-go order too.

Further, the CallJoy also records and transcribes the conversations a customer has with employees at businesses which will allow these businesses to tag and search each conversation based on a topic.

CallJoy has been made available to the small business owners for a small monthly fee of $39.

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