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Hostinger hit by data breach, affects 14 million users

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Hostinger hit by data breach, affects 14 million users

A cybersecurity incident has affected Hostinger, a web hosting provider. The provider has said that the company was hit by a data breach on Thursday, August 23rd, 2019. The data breach may have affected 14 million of its users.

In the company’s website, Hostinger wrote that one of their servers had been accessed by an unauthorized third party. The server had an authorization token which was used to access and use the privileges to the provider’s RESTful API server. This API Server is important as it is used to obtain details about the clients and their accounts.

Hostinger further clarified that the client payment data was not compromised in the breach. The payments for the service are made through authorized and certified third-party payment providers. This means the financial data is never saved on the Hostinger servers and has not been accessed or compromised.

As a standard precautionary measure, the company has reset all Hostinger Client login passwords. The company has further said that all the affected users have been sent emails to inform them about the incident.

The post by the hosting provider concluded: “We urge our Clients to choose strong passwords that are not utilized on other websites. Clients should be cautious of any unsolicited communications that may ask for your login details, personal information or refer you to a website asking for the above-mentioned information. We also strongly suggest to avoid clicking on the links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails.”

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