Idaho inmates steal quarter million dollars in digital credits

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Idaho inmates steal quarter million dollars in digital credits

In a movie-like digital heist, a service provider for prison inmates, JPay, has been robbed of $225,000 in digital credits. The prison inmates exploited vulnerability in the tablets that JPay provides. JPay takes pride in imparting corrections-like service. It provides inmates with digital facilities like e-mail, music, games and money transfer. It also enables inmates to have a video visitation. JPay tablets have been very popular in correctional facilities across the country for the noble service they dispense.

“This conduct was intentional, not accidental. It required a knowledge of the JPay system and multiple actions by every prisoner who exploited the system’s vulnerability to improperly credit their account,” said Jeff Ray, a spokesman for the Idaho Department of Correction. The hack came as a surprise as carrying it out would require expert knowledge of the JPay system.

The information of the JPay vulnerability was passed around among the inmates as the hack had the involvement of 364 inmates. The inmates involved were from many of the correctional facilities that come under Idaho’s jurisdiction. JPay has retrieved only $65,000 of the lost credits in the cybersecurity attack. The company has suspended its music and games services temporarily.

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