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Social Native raises $8 million to harness social media posts to bring authentic content to brands

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Social Native raises $8 million to harness social media posts to bring authentic content to brands

No one, it seems, has come up with a good way to harness all the videos, photos and tweets that budding creators post every day on YouTube, or the Facebook media juggernaut, or its smaller Snap-pier rivals.

Social Native works with top brands to find them low-cost and authentic content. In this age of social media, brands haven’t been able to keep up with the voracious demand for social media assets, such as videos or pictures, on all of the big social sites. The LA based startup seems to be positioning itself nicely in the era of ‘creator economy,’ a term coined by futurist Paul Saffo to describe the shift of the public from being a consumer of content to creator of content.

Social Native has raised $8 million to bring content from social media for brands to advertise their goods. According to Business Wire the funding will enable Social Native to double down on their investment into the Content Optimization Engine and further the company’s mission of using technology to reimagine the creative industry while investing in sales and marketing to continue claiming market share.

This is a win-win situation for both consumers and the brands themselves. While budding content creators shared their content about brand for free earlier, now they are paid for it and brands will be able to pay less for the content in their ads.

By contrast, an ad agency might charge $100 million for 100 campaigns. But content creators, who were previously sharing for free, could be far less expensive, and their content could be a lot more effective because it’s so authentic.

“We’re pleased to see continued and growing interest in our technology across the globe,” said Social Native CEO David Shadpour, in a statement. “Brand’s are faced with the challenge of creating high volumes of personalized content to deliver relevant customer experiences, and prior to Social Native, this was a seemingly impossible task. It’s exciting to see the impact Social Native is having on the digital marketing landscape and the interest not just from brands, but also the investor community.”

This is not a new concept. A lot of industry giants have already rolled out features, but Social Native is confident about its project saying that unlike other similar projects, this one leaves brands with more control on the content curated by budding content creators.

The company is making big changes in its management structure by hiring industry biggies like Jeff Ragovin, a co-founder of Buddy Media and Eytan Elbaz, co-creator of Google’s famous AdSense. Well it looks like those social media posts you put up won’t go to waste after all.

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