Apple collaborates with Aetna, launches a health app


Apple collaborates with Aetna, launches a health app

The insurance giant Aetna and Apple have come together to launch a health app that rewards you for living in a healthy way. Apple has shown some interest in healthcare tech over the past two years and this is perhaps its best move yet.

The new app called “Attain” determines personalized activity goals based on a person’s age, sex and weight. The app suggests potential activities that could help you lead a better life in a healthy way. The app sources its data from the iPhone and the Apple Watch. The health data stored on devices, in transit are all stored in a HIPAA-compliant way which should ensure privacy and allay some fears.

The app offers challenges where the users can earn points by taking up simple challenges like meditation, improving their diet and getting more sleep. The app also nudges you to take that annual flu shot and reminds you to take your medication on time. The app also recommends health actions based on insights it obtains from its user's health records.

The app offers great rewards like points- that could earn users an Apple Watch or gift cards. The app will be available for Aetna members who have iPhones (iPhone 5s and above) or own an Apple Watch (Series 1 and above).

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