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Veteran's medical records may get a revamp with Apple's help


Veteran's medical records may get a revamp with Apple's help

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs and Apple are in talks make things easier for veterans to access their electronic medical records on the iPhone. It is a promising deal for Apple to establish its stronghold in healthcare by partnering with medical institutes for storing and sharing health data.

Apple’s part of the deal is to migrate as many as 9 million medical records of U.S veterans to a separate software based on iOS. This will significantly help the veterans to simplify their hospital visits, treatment delivery times, and improve their overall healthcare. Apart from the software, Apple will also be providing engineering support for the project.

Additionally, Apple may also offer subscriptions to health services. For example, its Health app will offer prescription refills. The Health app underwent updates early this year where Apple allowed patients to upload their records about lab tests, allergies, etc. More and more health institutes are also being supported.

If Apple makes this deal with the Veterans Affairs, it could be Apple’s biggest investment in healthcare. Of course, there are many other players in the market who are solely dedicated to improvising healthcare with technology. For instance, there’s Alphabet’s Verily that is dedicated completely to research in healthcare and life sciences. Let’s see how the deal goes for Apple and what changes it will implement.

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