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YouTube provide creators with more control over copyright disputes

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YouTube provide creators with more control over copyright disputes

Creators can finally breathe a sigh a relief as YouTube updates its studio to deal with copyright issues between creators and companies. The latest update is large enough as it adds newer ways to review copyright claims like tools for trimming copyrighted content out of videos.

YouTube has got quite a collection of unauthorized copyrighted content and the company has been striving hard to remove this content for many years now. Till now copyright owners were able to strike a channel for stealing their content by making a claim to it. But when creators get too many of these copyright claims they face punishments which sometimes end in creators losing their channel.

Inside the Studio Dashboard, YouTubers can now review the copyright claims they have received in their channel and also which of their videos were removed as part of the copyright ownership issue and also who made the takedown claim. The studio also suggests the creators of what can be done to clear the air. There’s better transparency in the studio now as it provides the creators with the description of the content provided by the person who made the claim.

The IT services giant has also added a tool for trimming the copyrighted parts out of the videos that are hit with copyright claims. The new tool can automatically select the copyrighted portion on its own so that users don’t have to go through the content.

One of the downsides of this feature is that creators cannot change the start or endpoints for the trim feature once allotted, but according to YouTube this will change soon. Until then creators who want to make changes in what is trimmed will need to use the full YouTube Editor.

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