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Criteria Corp – Leveraging organizations with cutting-edge tools to make more objective, evidence-based talent decisions

Criteria Corp – Leveraging organizations with cutting-edge tools to make more objective, evidence-based talent decisions

Talent management is not just a simple human resource key term one will come across.  It is also committed to hire, manage, develop, and retain the most talented and excellent employees in the industry. In fact, talent management plays an important role in the business strategy since it manages one of the important assets of the company—its people. That is why companies should make the effort to effectively manage the employees to help them develop their skills and capabilities in order to retain them. Having a strategic talent management gives organizations the opportunity to attract the most talented and skilled employees available. It creates an employer brand that could attract potential talents, and in turn, contributes to the improvement of the organizations’ business performance and results.

Criteria Corp is one such talent management company that helps organizations make more objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive outcomes. Its world-leading tools include a comprehensive suite of rigorously validated assessments and decision-making tools that highlight the potential in every job candidate while providing an experience that candidates love. The company takes a scientific approach to every product they build by rigorously validating for results, ensuring transparency, and designing a human-focused solution that drives best practice hiring. Its enduring mission is to create a fairer, more robust, and more efficient talent selection process worldwide. Criteria Corp can attract candidates with high talent to organization, it creates an employer brand that could attract potential talents, in turn contributes to the improvement of the organization business performance. The firm helps the management to note the issues and grievances of the work force, so it will help them to provide satisfied work environment in the organization that will improve the productivity and morale of employees and it will result in the excellent performance of employees.

Providing with Best-in-Class Talent Management Products

Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT: Research shows that cognitive aptitude is one of the most accurate predictors of job success: twice as predictive as job interviews, three times as predictive as experience, and four times as predictive as education level. Criteria’s employment aptitude tests provide you with a rapid and precise way of measuring the abilities required to succeed in nearly every occupation. The CCATSM is a pre-employment aptitude test that measures an individual's aptitude, or ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically. Individuals with high aptitude are more likely to be quick learners and high performers than are individuals with low aptitude.

Criteria Mechanical Reasoning Assessment (CMRA): It measures a candidate’s mechanical aptitude and reasoning ability. The CMRA is a short, mobile-friendly test that can predict performance for occupations involving the operation, maintenance, and servicing of tools, equipment, and machinery. Reading level for the CMRA is estimated to be at the sixth-grade level, and the content is designed to minimize gender and racial/ethnic bias that can occur in other traditional mechanical aptitude tests. The CMRA has been extensively validated, demonstrating that the test is highly predictive of job performance for a wide variety of jobs that require the operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and machinery. For managers, Talent Insights provides the tools to understand each and every team member on an individual level. The insights help managers have more meaningful 1-on-1s by highlighting ways to tap into each individual’s strengths or to help them improve in areas that may be challenging. Managers can also use the insights to improve coaching and development efforts so that they can provide each person with the support they need to succeed. Create teams by department, function, or even teams that will work together on short-term projects.

Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test (UCAT): The Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a pre-employment aptitude test that measures general aptitude, which includes the ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically. As a language-independent test, the UCAT does not test verbal ability, making it easily translatable and ideal for international use. The UCAT consists of 40 items with a 20 minute time limit.

Game-Based Assessments: Criteria's game-based assessments fuse state-of-the-art game design with tried-and-true science. Its games provide the level of insight you expect from Criteria assessments to drive better hiring decisions, while simultaneously elevating your candidate experience with rich and immersive gameplay. Criteria’s game-based assessments are developed in-house by its team of I/O psychologists, who rigorously test and validate each assessment to provide you with accurate results about a candidate's abilities. And candidates love it: Rather than taking a test that feels like a test, candidates are immersed in an engaging and interactive experience.

The Leader Upfront

Josh Millet is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Criteria Corp.  He started the company in 2006 with a vision to create a SaaS-based pre-employment testing service that would make the highest quality employee assessment tools accessible to companies of all sizes. Prior to launching Criteria, Josh cofounded an online test preparation company,, which was acquired by Xap Corp of Culver City, CA, in 2002. After the acquisition, Josh served as the President of Xap's test prep division. He has coauthored testing-related articles published in the Journal of Educational Computing and the American Psychological Society Observer. Josh holds a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar and a Mellon Fellow.

"Through scientifically designed assessments, video interviewing and talent management tools, we help organizations achieve results across their entire talent pipeline."

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