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iOS 13.4 beta comes with wireless OTA OS recovery


iOS 13.4 beta comes with wireless OTA OS recovery

Apple is on the verge of releasing its beta update iOS 13.4. Over the weeks there were several leaks including a CarKey API, now the mobile giant is testing a new feature known as “over-the-air” OS recovery. 

The company has a reputation for the security and stability of its software, especially iPhones, but bugs are relentless in iOS and once in a while it becomes necessary to restore the device by connecting it to a computer. And so, Apple is making plans for a reset using a wireless internet connection. 

Nowadays, users with an iPhone don’t always have a computer to connect it with for an emergency firmware reset and the inconvenience of handling two devices for a reset makes the issue worse. Also, the techgiant has been hyping its iPad as the next generation of computers but the title becomes pointless if a traditional computer is needed to restore it. 

Apple is thus providing a way out for these problems by developing an over-the-air (OTA) method for “OS recovery.” And according to 9to5mac, there’s an alternate option for recovery using a traditional USB cable other than the OTA. The exact release date of the new feature is unclear but users can expect it by next month. 

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