Facebook Messenger gives you more options


Facebook Messenger gives you more options

Facebook Messenger is a globally acclaimed messaging app and platform. Messenger makes a new update to its version; from within the platform users can send 360 degree photos and HD videos. This new feature is available on android and iOS platforms and this mobile app seems to be eye catching.

HD quality videos is available for users in Belgium, Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands on both android and iOS.

"Amazing 360 degree photos and panoramic photos will give you the ability to share more immersive views of your world -- from stunning landscapes, to that coveted ocean view from your hotel room, the world is your oyster now in Messenger," Sean Kelly and Hagen Green, Product Managers at Messenger, wrote in a blog post.

At the beginning of the year, Messenger users got to enjoy features like sharing photos, videos, stickers, and GIF’s. Users have to update the Messenger app to try out the new features. To enjoy 360 degree photos in Messenger, you just have to set the cell camera to panorama and capture a 360 degree photo with the help of 360 photo app or camera and share it in Messenger.

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