Pre-orders for Moto Razr begins


Pre-orders for Moto Razr begins

The all-new model of Motorola Razr is available for pre-sale for $1499 starting today. The company is expected to begin shipping the mobile to its customers from February 6th. But it was the few videos on Motorola’s YouTube channel that caught our eye.

These videos on the company’s YouTube channel are how-to videos and ads of the Razr. But one video was particularly interesting – Caring for razr. Specifically, there is one part of the video that describes how the bendable screen requires care and that bumps and lumps are normal on its plastic screen. Although not a shocking revelation, it makes us think again that the foldable phones are still at its infancy. This means that the users of the first of the foldables will have to endure with such quirks.

Additionally, the video clearly states that the users will have to keep the screen dry. It also says that the users must avoid using screen protectors and close the phone before sliding it into your pocket.

You can pre-order the Razr from Verizon’s online store at $1,499 or $62.49/month for two years. The phone is coming in just one color - Noir Black with 128 GB of internal storage. When you receive the box with the phone, it will also consist of 15W TurboPower charger, a USB Type-C cable, Razr earbuds, and a headphone dongle.

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