Opera 56 for Android now has Reader mode and action button


Opera 56 for Android now has Reader mode and action button

Opera Browser for Android was recently updated to version 56 along with a bunch of features like the Reader mode and a custom action button.

Opera offers a free mobile browser packed with several features designed for mobiles with built-in privacy tools. The new update was released on February 6th and is available to download from Google Play Store. Opera in its latest update offers extensive improvements but most of them are too small to be detailed specifically.

One of the biggest improvements in Opera 56 includes a Reader button and a customizable action button. The Reader mode can be found in the address bar. In order to configure the new feature, users can head to Settings and choose the Appearance menu and then tap ‘Shortcut in the address bar’ to see the various options.

Users can then set up the action button to function as a reload button for sharing or for instantly activating the Reader mode. Opera 56 also offers a new feature that’ll allow users to open the most recently closed tabs, meaning the new update will now feature a list of recently closed tabs that can be quickly accessed and launched.

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