Macquarie Telecom wins ATO internet services and security contract


Macquarie Telecom wins ATO internet services and security contract

The Australian telecom company Macquarie Telecom has been awarded the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) internet gateway and cybersecurity services contract. It is a three-year contract and is to commence next year.

The company will be delivering its SIG services to secure the connection between the ATO’s IT environments and internet. Under the contract, Macquarie Telecom will help ATO take advantage of the security operations center, data centers, and ASD-certified cloud computing platforms. It will further upgrade its whole-of-government SIG and continue to add to its cybersecurity technology portfolio with more products.

Macquarie Telecom expects the total spending to be between AU $61 and AU $64 million in 2020. The contract is a substantial one for the ATO. But it barely affects the organization’s AU $151 million budget for the three years. The ATO had been allocated the budget to improve its data storage and security systems.

ATO had recently renewed its contract with Leidos Australia for IT services Management. The contract was extended for another 29 months last month. The contract is worth AU $87 million. Leidos had run into some deep trouble with the ATO in 2016 but the problem was dealt with. This time around the company will be vary.

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