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Apple blocks Google from distributing its internal iOS apps


Apple blocks Google from distributing its internal iOS apps

Apple has taken a stern decision to block Google from distributing its internal iOS apps. Google had earlier disabled the Screenwise Meter app, which was developed to monitor how people use their iPhones, thereby violating Apple’s policy. Apple had gone ahead to block Google’s developer certificate. Latest reports state that the Google app’s functionality has been restored after Apple and Google worked closely together.

It was reported that the earlier versions of Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Maps, and other pre-release beta software stopped functioning. This list also includes employee-only apps like Google’s internal café app and Gbus app. An Apple spokesperson issued a statement, “We are working together with Google to help them reinstate their enterprise certificates very quickly.”

This recent activity aligns with Apple removing Facebook’s research app. Apple had further banned Facebook from using its Enterprise Developer Certificate. But the latest report says that Apple has restored Facebook’s ability to run internal apps on its platform.

But the cybersecurity and privacy concerns remain. There’s a growing list of companies that Apple’s Enterprise Program to distribute apps to consumers. Research by cybersecurity experts and developers like Alex Fajkowski show tech giants like Sonos, Amazon, and DoorDash all use Apple’s platform to beta trial their apps to non-employees.

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