Alexa You can now download Microsoft Windows Terminal
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You can now download Microsoft Windows Terminal


You can now download Microsoft Windows Terminal

‘Windows Terminal’ the new command line app from Microsoft is now available for download. Announced at the Build conference, the Windows Terminal is the new, powerful, open source terminal application. UTF-8 character support, Unicode, a GPU accelerated text rendering engine, multiple tabs, along with custom themes, styles, and configurations are some of the key highlights. It’s now available easily on the Windows Store.

Microsoft has announced a certain set of instructions for configuration. “We want to make the Terminal experience more inclusive and address issues and feature requests from users who rely on assistive technology,” Microsoft said in its post. “A top priority for Terminal is to include robust support for accessibility, as you have today in the default command-line experience on Windows.”

To keep things interesting, Microsoft has also launched a full-support for emojis along with text rendering, which is based on DirectX. But Microsoft is only beginning with Windows Terminal. “The Terminal team is working towards creating a consistent schedule that offers regular previews and more frequent builds for those who want to get access to the latest features as they arrive.”

Microsoft also announced the Windows Terminal 1.0, which is under wraps to be launched at the Microsoft Store this winter.

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