New WhatsApp update can be expected soon


New WhatsApp update can be expected soon

WhatsApp is the easiest form of keeping in touch with people these days.  Although WhatsApp has made things easy for us, people are skeptical about developments in few areas, taking few instances, WABetaInfo mentioned that the self-destructing messages feature  has got another name change . Earlier they were known as Disappearing Messages and Delete Messages which will now be changed to Expiring Messages.

The name alone has not changed, you can also choose a number of options on how long the messages should exist like a day, a week, or a month. The new option is not yet tested on any device as the company is still working on the new development.

Once this is implemented, WhatsApp can be used on multiple devices like say for example, you can use the software on both your phone and tablet at the same time.

To abate fear of unknown people logging in your WhatsApp, the encryption keys used to secure messages will change  every time a new devices is added and a notification will be displayed in the app.

If you want to try the WhatsApp beta, then you have to sign up for the Google Play Beta Program.

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