Windows 10 Start menu previews ‘ads' in the form of suggestions


Windows 10 Start menu previews ‘ads' in the form of suggestions

Microsoft started experimenting with its Windows Start menu since it launched Windows 8 and the company never actually left its tile-based design even though they made many alterations along the way.

Now with Windows 10, the company is presenting some new feature updates and is in the process of transforming the menu into an advertising dashboard for its apps and services. And many users are already agitated with this new feature but fortunately, there’s a fix available to make the ads stop once and for all.

The new feature in the Windows 10 Start menu is not really new as the menu always had a “Suggested” section at the top where it will recommend its own Windows Store apps. But until now, the ads weren’t quite intrusive in nature but the recent campaign is leaving users unhappy.

The new update stems from the new Chromium-based Edge browser software which is now getting positive reviews across the tech world. But even then the new Edge browser is not getting enough traction it’s supposed to which is forcing the company to put up ads in its Start menu. It is still unclear if this intrusive ad campaign will be enough to draw users from Chrome or Firefox.

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