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New Campus for Apple with additional 20,000 Employees


New Campus for Apple with additional 20,000 Employees

In a fresh new announcement from Apple, the company plans to build and open a new campus in the US for its technical support staff. The tech giant plans to hire an additional 20,000 employees over the next five years. However, the location of the new campus hasn’t been announced yet.

Apple indicated that it plans to expand in the future to a campus that could hold employees from other divisions of the company. Apart from this, no other details have been given. It is still unclear whether the new campus will be a flagship campus or just another of its many office locations spread across the globe.

Currently, Apple has its office located in Austin, Texas with 6,000 employees for tech support. However, the Apple Park, which is the new shiny circular building of the company’s Cupertino employees are now moving into, is considered as Campus 2. Could this mean that the new campus is going to be bigger than Apple Park? 

Speaking about the additional 20,000 jobs, Apple said that these jobs will be located at Apple campuses. This indicates that the jobs aren’t going to be in the retail sector. The stats for Apple right now are that it employs nearly 84,000 people in the US, with the majority of those being in California in its headquarters. This also suggests the new location may need to be a big one.

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