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ERP needs security


ERP needs security

With security being tightened everywhere, it’s time for ERP to get secured too. The new trends like big data, cloud, IoT and more are prone to attack. When it comes to enterprise security, ERP systems, the backbone to all business process and data, can pose a serious and also a hidden threat of security threat.

To prove this point, we have many instances that have taken place over time. Way back in 2015, it was investigated that an ERP system from SAP had allegedly allowed a Chinese-backed hackers to break in pivot to the company’s network. And as a result, nearly 27,000 federal employee’s personal data was stolen. Till this date it remains unclear if SAP took up the responsibility or not.

Why security?

Security for ERP is not something new. But now, there is an increased importance required for ERP to have cyber security. We have a blur of network. All systems connected from nowhere to everywhere. It is because of this the traditional type of security becomes pointless. By traditional security here, it is the one that focuses on creating a secure perimeter around the IT assets and then controlling it. Of course, that would be pointless simply by understanding how advanced technology is growing further and further.

We live in fast changing times. Earlier days, employee data would be handled and securely kept with the HR and financial department of any business. But now, with the massive global expansion taking place, organizations have no choice but to back up their ERP into a cloud platform. This leads to cyber threat and loss of personal data.

In addition to this, hackers are getting smart by the day. They have realized that attacks on business are more advantageous than on hacking individuals. This has altogether led to the increase in security for ERP. If your ERP isn’t secured, one truly hopes that this convinces you to get it secured.

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