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IFS cloud launches containerized ERP solution


IFS cloud launches containerized ERP solution

Enterprise software vendor IFS has launched a suite of ERP applications with extensions for several services like field service management and enterprise asset management, all based on the same data model. IFS provides a customized version for vertical markets, which is something that sets IFS apart from the competition.The browser-based IFS Cloud applications havea consistent user interface that adapts its display and interaction method to the device they are running on.

With this new ERP suite, IFS aims to build a business with over $500 million annual revenue. Since the IFS cloud is modular, customers can deploy their parts when they want, where they want. To achieve that, IFS is using containers and Kubernetes. With the modularity of IFS Cloud available in containers, CIOs can now choose which functions they need and whether to deploy what IFS offers or to integrate something from another vendor. 

During the pandemic, that modularity worked for IFS as it could scale down its offerings and offer the companies just the field service part or the asset management part, whatever is important. IFS Cloud is a product that delivers class-leading solutions across Service Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Enterprise Asset Management.

It is built to meet the specific needs of your business and the markets. IFS Cloud combines deep industry and functional strength with intelligent and autonomous capabilities. It givesa choice of deployment in their cloud or the company’s own datacenter. It is simple to use and tailor, making it easier to extend and connect to your business and other applications.

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