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Kenyan Women trained by Facebook


Kenyan Women trained by Facebook

Facebook has ventured to train women in digital marketing. And these are women straight from Africa. Young women from Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu are soon going to be empowered by Facebook. Facebook will be training these women on the use of social media as a part of digital marketing.

The number of women who are going to be trained are nearly 1,000. That’s 1,000 female entrepreneurs who are going to be trained on content generation and marketing for the growth of their business line. African Center for Women Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT) is going to be the center where the training will take place.

They will be trained and updated with the latest tools, insights and best practices to improve their businesses. Every woman who is going to undergo the training will firstly be required to have an operational business page on Facebook and Instagram.

Changing Training

Social media is finding its way into almost everything and everywhere. In Kenya, social media is being used by entrepreneurs as a marketing platform to sell their goods and services. On Instagram, it is beaming with fashion. Fashion stores are posting photos to advertise their goods and even sell them at free delivery charges.

This is an opportunity that every woman entrepreneur must run with, as the initiative is providing them the ability to reach potential customers at the right time with comparatively reduced costs. After the training, the trainees will have access to mentorship and follow-up activities to further support them in advancing their digital marketing skills on Facebook and Instagram,” said Constantine Obuya, Executive Director of ACWICT.

There is already a changing trend and Facebook is simply enhancing it. Soko Kuu, Kilimani, Mums Marketplace, Online Soko and other major groups are having an increase in their sales. All thanks to Facebook, these groups have 100,000 users now.

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