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Linkfresh releases ERP suite update


Linkfresh releases ERP suite update

Linkfresh had released an ERP suite update. This comes as a first update of the suite on the reengineered Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform. Linkfresh has been a specialist in supply chain solution. The company announced that the new ERP suite is available already for the fresh food industry on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in the Enterprise edition.

This launch marks Linkfresh’s first fully cloud embedded solution. It is built on Microsoft Azure which comes with all the benefits it has to offer. In includes a complete integration with capabilities of Microsoft Lifecycle Service (MLS) for managed implementations and deployments. In addition to this, it even has Embedded Business Process Model Documentation (BPM) that enhances the speed of deployment and training.

But there is more that the updated version has to offer. Users will have full access to the full capabilities of Linkfresh product suite right from within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations experience. It even comes along with a Mobile Application development with the built-in Dynamics 365 Mobile app developer framework.

We are hugely excited to release our industry focused food functionality, such as our market leading grower accounting and third part services functionality onto a new platform, but perhaps the best feature of Linkfresh 365 is the step change improvement in upgradability,” said Ian Morgan, head of product at Linkfresh.

According to him, the days of multi-year ERP update and upgrade cycle are long gone. Microsoft Dynamics has been actively encouraging incremental upgrades and also provides underlying framework to permit it. It has been advantageous and benefiting customers to reap the newly introduced functionality over an unlimited period of time. It even helps in reducing the total cost of ownership and maximizes the ROI, he added.




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