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Microsoft is using LinkedIn's data in the most strategic way possible


Microsoft is using LinkedIn's data in the most strategic way possible

When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn the previous year, we all knew that it had plans of using the data from LinkedIn. Now, Microsoft is taking more steps to integrate LinkedIn into its broad portfolio of productivity and business applications like Office 365. One of the recent announcements made was that the integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the cloud based ERP and CRM suite. Microsoft is looking for ways to help companies with smarter social strategies.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is considered to be the focal point of this, as it will be helping the salespeople to be more productive through LinkedIn. The possibilities for sales productivity is going to sky-rocket now that you can use LinkedIn seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Apart from creating a sales lead list and receive lead recommendations tailored to their preferences, you can even get real time updates on prospects and customers. And not to forget the time you’ll be saving while maximizing your network. You can even unlock full profiles for leads who aren’t even on your network. The integrations between Dynamics 365 and Office 365 open up a wide range of possibilities for productivity.

Adding to this, sales and marketing teams can view the LinkedIn user activity of customers and prospects from within CRM systems without having to seek out. This means viewing the latest information about what your customers and people are discussing online, which further enhances to know more about prospects and audiences. For instance, a sales rep can instantly find out who within the company has the right and required connections to the key target.

Through Dynamics CRM and LinkedIn integration, companies can do a better job of staying in touch with existing customers, apart from creating new ones. Microsoft aims at creating a better understanding of their changing needs along with running special promotions or contests on a social media platform.

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