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Boost your Resume with AI Courses from Microsoft


Boost your Resume with AI Courses from Microsoft

In the fast-paced world of today, there’s a high demand for engineers mastering in artificial intelligence. This is why Microsoft is launching a new course on its Microsoft Professional Program with an emphasis on AI. Keeping present day ERP in mind, Microsoft says that the program aims to boost the resume of the engineer.

The AI course has 10 modules and each of these takes about 8 to 16 hours to complete online. The course also covers a range of sub-disciplines. Computer vision, data analysis, speech recognition, and natural language processing are some of the sub-disciplines included.

But that’s not all. Microsoft has also specially included an ethics course. We’ve seen that recently Microsoft has been paying very close attention to the ethics behind its AI creations. Additionally, the course also includes a module on machine learning on Microsoft’s cloud platform – Azure.

Microsoft isn’t the first one to launch a dedicated AI course. There’s Google’s ‘Learn with Google AI’ hub is also similar to what Microsoft has launched. Google’s course focuses on TesnorFlow and Google Cloud. With the number of courses the big tech companies are launching, it’s clear that AI engineers will benefit the most.

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