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Now avail professional mentorship service from LinkedIn


Now avail professional mentorship service from LinkedIn

LinkedIn has come up with a new service feature, complementing its primary purpose; help find jobs for people. The new service helps find people a potential mentor for people who are looking to be mentored in any specific field. After a month’s trial, the service is going to be rolled out in San Francisco and Australia.

During the trial, LinkedIn tapped into potential people who could be mentors. Depending upon your chosen field or area, the list of potential mentors pops up. The style is very much like Tinder’s, where people can show if they’re interested or not. The mentors are then given options on who they wish to train and mentor. It may be people from either their first or second degree network, or someone from their region school. The match is then made and both the mentor and the mentee can communicate with each other.

The person who is looking forward to get mentored can ask anything related to that topic. It could be some advice, a feedback or just about anything. LinkedIn gives you parameters and the user can narrow it down further to his particular field or area.

Bridging the Career gap

LinkedIn believes that this service is very necessary in modern times. The required skills for people to build their careers are somewhat lacking and hopefully, this feature should make it up. Career mentoring can be made simple enough, LinkedIn says. A simple feedback or knowing the way things work in a particular field from a person who has experience in it could eventually build a foundation.

Although there are career coaching services, LinkedIn proudly claims that this service is different. First, it is free. And more importantly, the service would mean that you’re communicating with someone in your circle and getting first hand information. That would indeed make a difference.

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