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Sage 500 ERP leads to Success Story of Nashville Wire Products


Sage 500 ERP leads to Success Story of Nashville Wire Products

Nashville Wire Products has been in the industry of designing and fabricating welded wire products for more than 75 years. Cutting edge technology, quality products and unparalleled service have earned Nashville Wire Products a leadership position in all of the markets it serves. They have revenue in excess $90 million and its three divisions ship millions of units annually. It has expanded and diversified over the years and has embraced technology for better business growth. Today, they trust Sage 500 ERP for their operations.

Earlier, the company was using ProfitKey. However, they found it expensive to maintain and support, apart from data collection being difficult. “Our business was booming and the status quo was no longer working”, said the CFO of the company, Brad Hunter. “Our options were to invest in better technology or double our staff to keep up. It makes business sense to invest in technology”, he added.

An internal team analyzed the available options. This included Sage 500 ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NV and others. The company decided to go with Sage 500 ERP. One of the most significant benefits the company achieved was the industry-standard SQL database utilized by Sage ERP and its other products. Now, in addition to Sage 500 ERP, Nashville Wire Products also relies on Sage SalesLogics, Sage HRMS along with Sage SalesTax.

The result was tremendous, Nashville Wire Products believes. There were faster inventory turns, more accurate manufacturing costs and better purchasing processes. In addition to this, there was also improved efficiency across all the departments. “They work together to give us a complete, integrated solution,” notes Hunter.

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