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Slack adds Screen Sharing feature


Slack adds Screen Sharing feature

Slack, the workplace collaboration platform and your virtual office app is adding a new feature that is Screen Sharing. The screen sharing feature simply goes beyond allowing your co-workers to peek into what’s on your display but also grants control so that they can add a few lines of code, or values to a cell in a spreadsheet.

Slack has been working to achieve its goal to be the go-to tool for workplace collaboration. The newly added feature takes it with direct competition with Atlassian, and other workplace collaborations. The screen sharing feature will enable users to mark up, edit, scroll and work together on a variety of projects they may need to handle.

Currently, Slack has nearly 6 million daily active users overall and about 2 million paid users. Earlier this year, Slack had also introduced screen sharing for video calls and the new interactive screen sharing adds a creamy layer to it.

In order to activate interactive screen sharing, users will need to share their screen from a Slack call and hit the ‘share control of your screen’ button. Each participant will receive their own cursor that comes with the ability to type, edit, scroll, and other such functions.

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