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Cloudflare launches new Data Localization Suite

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Cloudflare launches new Data Localization Suite

Cloudflare, the popular Content Distribution Network (CDN),has launched a new set of features today called the Data Localization Suite. Companies on the Enterprise plan can benefit from the features for now.The Data Localization Suite from Cloudflare will make it easier to control where your data is stored and also view data depending on where you are accessing it. It is a feature that lets you take advantage of Cloudflare’s products, such as serverless infrastructure, while complying with local and industry-specific regulations.

The suite is relevant to the new Data privacy rules and abides by the recent EU ruling that ended the Privacy Shield. It will also provide benefits to highly regulated industries like the healthcare and legal departments that need some specific data requirements.Cloudflare powers you to encrypt everything stored and in transit if you enforce mandatory TLS encryption. You can also manage your private keys yourself, choose to set different rules for your private keys.

Cloudflare inspects all the network requests in order to decide what to do with them. For example, malicious bots requests are automatically rejected. Apart from this, particular suspicious requests can also be analyzed manually. If a malicious bot is running on a server in the U.S., the request will be sent to the closest Cloudflare data center in the U.S., which will again be routed to a data center in Europe and inspected.Edge Log Delivery system can be used to send logs directly from Cloudflare’s edge network to a storage bucket or an on-premise data center. It never transits throughCloudflare’s core data centers.


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