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Google Assistant will now give you ‘Good News'

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Google Assistant will now give you ‘Good News'

Ever had one of those days when you felt there’s only bad news hogging your feed? Well, Google Assistant will be brightening your day by helping you find some good news. Google Assistant users will have to activate it by asking it “Hey Google, tell me something good.” The Google Assistant will bring up something good from the previous few days.

Google has said that these ‘good news’ will mainly focus on people who are “solving problems for our communities and our world.” With the increase in negative news around us, its exposure has long-lasting effects on mental health, psychologists believe. This is a considerate move from the IT services giant in times where mental illnesses are on the rise.

A lot has changed from the daily newspaper era. Let’s face it, there are some reforms that are required to curb what and how we consume the news we encounter online. Lines have blurred when it comes to distinguishing between news and entertainment. In such tense times, features like these are like a breath of fresh air.

The ‘Tell me something good’ feature will be available on the Google Assistant devices- Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Assistant-based smartphones in the U.S starting today.

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