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New Activity Dashboard on Google's G Suite

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New Activity Dashboard on Google's G Suite

The new Activity Dashboard on Google’s G Suite will show who read your files. This new activity dashboard is coming to all Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, where users have the ability to edit the files. Now, users can even see who else viewed the file and when they viewed it. 

There are many users who work with shared documents and have often witnessed confusion. For instance, a coworker may go on and on over an old file without realizing that you edited it hours ago. This scenario won’t be happening anymore with the new activity dashboard on Google’s G Suite.


Also, with the new activity dashboard, you can find out if Ben really read that memo last week! From March 7th, G Suite administrations have control over the Activity feature. They can decide who can see and edit a particular doc and the location as well (for instance, only within your domain). Other end users can start using it from March 21st.  For collaborations outside G Suite, this feature won’t be of much use. But, if you’re using it, then the miscommunication at work will be put at ease!

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