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Google to invest $13 billion in the US this year

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Google to invest $13 billion in the US this year

Google’s investment across the U.S is increasing by roughly $4 billion this year. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO has announced in a blog that the IT services giant is ready to recruit more people and invest more in the country.

The increased investment will give Google a home in 24 states out of the 50 in the country. The year will also see Google establish data centers in 13 communities. Sundar Pichai further presented a semi-detailed plan on what his company plans to do in the Midwest, South, Northeast, and West zones of the country. He wrote: “2019 marks the second year in a row we’ll be growing faster outside of the Bay Area than in it.”

The conglomerate had recruited 10,000 people last year in the U.S and had expanded – as big companies tend to year after year – in a big way. But this year it is ready to do it in even a bigger way by investing as much as $13 billion in the country. The popular CEO wrote in his blog that the investment will give them the capacity to hire many thousands of employees. Adding to that, the investment will also enable the creation of more than 10,000 new construction jobs in Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia specifically.

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