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Google launches its $25 million “Google AI Impact Challenge”

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Google launches its $25 million “Google AI Impact Challenge”

Google has been working on creating a positive impact in this world through its lesser-known AI for Social Good. Through this programme the tech giant has been applying its AI resources to help the society by forecasting floods, predicting famine, and protecting whales. And these are only a few of the few major things that the company is contributing towards.

But the company is not satisfied and it wants to further extend the helping hand to people all over the world. They believe that their AI resources can help solve many problems of people from diverse backgrounds. To continue with its efforts of bringing positive societal change, Google is launching the Google AI Impact Challenge, which will ask the nonprofits, academics and social enterprises of the world to submit their proposals on how they can use AI to address “the world’s greatest social, humanitarian and environmental problems.

Google will be granting funds of up to $25 million to organizations with the best proposals. The winners will also be joining a specialized Launchpad Accelerator program and Google will also extend additional support to each of these projects.

The panel of experts who will help choose the best proposals will be well-known figures from IT services, computer science, and the social sector. The company intends to release the list of best proposals by the spring of 2019.

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